Hire the Gainsborough Trio to play classical music at your wedding or special event


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Here are some of the questions we commonly receive from our clients:


Do you have experience performing in my type of wedding?

Yes, we perform at all types of Protestant and Jewish ceremonies as well as the Catholic Mass and civil ceremonies. We have also done numerous inter-faith and non-traditional weddings.

Can you play a piece/song that is not on your repertoire list?

As our list is only a selection from our complete repertoire, we may have your desired music. If not, we are happy to arrange your special request, provided advance notice is given. We charge only a nominal fee for arranging music.

Can you provide prelude music for the time before my ceremony?

Yes, we suggest that you hire the trio to start playing 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony, so that your guests can arrive to the sound of beautiful music. If you have specific selections in mind for this time period, let us know; otherwise, we will select appropriate music based on the general atmosphere or ambiance that you would like to create.

Can you provide music for my cocktail hour or reception as well?

Yes, we often perform for a ceremony, cocktail hour and/or reception.

How will you know when to start and stop the processional music? Do we need to time the processional to fit with your music?

We will require a cue from the maitre d' or from an usher, so that we know when you're ready to start the processional. We are very skillful at ending the music at the appropriate time, just as the last person reaches the front of the ceremony space. We just need to know how many people will be processing to each musical selection, and we will take care to time the music to fit with your pacing.

If I decide to book you, can I get an agreement in writing?

If you would like to book our ensemble, we will send you a contract and ask for a 50% deposit to hold your date.

How will I decide on the music for my event?

We are pleased to work with you to select whatever music will best enhance your occasion. If you like, we will offer suggestions and examples of music that will match the tone of your event. To start getting some ideas, please check out our music clips or request a free demo CD.

Can you play a piece at a faster or slower speed than is on your demo recording?

Just ask. We are happy to alter a tempo to suit your needs or personal taste.

Can you inform me of any logistics for your performance?

We kindly request one armless chair per musician, and travel directions to your site. In the case of an outdoor event, we are not able to perform in the rain or direct sunlight, as well as in temperatures below 60 degrees. This is to prevent damage to our musical instruments.

Can you perform with the organist or singer that is at the church/synagogue?

We frequently will collaborate with another musician, and will contact him/her in advance, to coordinate our music.

What would you wear to my event?

We will come dressed appropriately for the occasion. For formal weddings we would wear tuxedo and formal black concert attire. For a more informal look, it would be suit and tie. Please advise us on your dress code.


Hire the Gainsborough Trio to play classical music at your wedding or special event