Hire the Gainsborough Trio to play classical music at your wedding or special event


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The Gainsborough Trio provides classical music for your wedding ceremony, wedding reception, party, bar/bat mitzvah, anniversary, and other elegant occasions. Comprised of some of New York's finest professional musicians, this ensemble performs traditional or non-traditional instrumental music for your special event.

Hot Tips For A Smashing Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties are getting more and more popular, and there are hundreds of unique ideas to make the party a night the bride will never forget. To plan a successful bachelorette party, Becky Long offers the following bachelorette party tips from her book "The Best Bachelorette Party Book" (Meadowbrook Press).

Send clever invitations to set the stage for your bachelorette theme party. For a party with a "Girls Just Wanna Have Sun" theme, attach a tag card that features details about your pool party to inexpensive flip-flops.

Host a scavenger hunt. Send bachelorettes out on the town to serenade strangers and collect fun items for points.

Help guests get to know one another at the party with an icebreaker. For example, display funny pictures of the bride and have the guests write captions for prizes.

Get some use out of a retired bridesmaid's gown. Invite the gang to don the most embarrassing ones they own to your next bachelorette party.

Hit the road for your next bachelorette bash. A change of scenery always spices things up a bit. Make overnight bags from men's boxer shorts by the sewing the legs closed and attaching a handle.

Play Truth or Consequences. If a guest can't guess where the bride went on her first date with her fiancÚ, the group can think of some funny consequences.

Scour flea markets for an old suitcase. Ask guests to fill it with items that the bride should take on her honeymoon. Present it to her as a group gift.

Something different and host a girls' night in rather than out, with a chick- flickathon. Rent your favorite movies and serve up decadent desserts and fabulous frozen froo-froos.

Challenge guests to keep certain words or actions off-limits during the party. For instance, declare that no one can say the groom's name all evening. If someone slips, she has to perform a service for the bride.

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