Hire the Gainsborough Trio to play classical music at your wedding or special event


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The Gainsborough Trio provides classical music for your wedding ceremony, wedding reception, party, bar/bat mitzvah, anniversary, and other elegant occasions. Comprised of some of New York's finest professional musicians, this ensemble performs traditional or non-traditional instrumental music for your special event.

The Perfect Shower For The Bookworm Bride

(FeatureSource) If the book-loving bride already own most necessary household items, consider slanting a party to her tastes and throw her a book bridal shower. Here are some easy tips from Courtney Cooke's book "The Best Wedding Shower Book" (Meadowbrook Press).

Invitations: Design the invitation as a keepsake bookmark and laminate it to increase the longevity.

Decorations: Host the shower at a local bookstore that has a private meeting room or outdoor area. If the shower will be in a home, ask the staff at a local bookstore for old advertising posters that you can hang.

Gifts: Ask each guest to bring the bride a book that would be useful for married life. The categories can include fiction, gardening, humor, cooking, remodeling, etc. Guests can bring other gifts related to their book choice, such as cookie cutters with a baking book. You could pool funds to buy a larger gift such as a bookcase.

Activities: Make an address book for the bride and have the guests fill in their addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, and anniversaries. This is a great way for a bride to gather information about her newly extended circle of family and friends. You can also start a scrapbook for the bride with memorabilia from the shower. Have guests write in best wishes and advice. The bride can later include mementos from her wedding day.

Courtesy of FeatureSource

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