Hire the Gainsborough Trio to play classical music at your wedding or special event


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The Gainsborough Trio provides classical music for your wedding ceremony, wedding reception, party, bar/bat mitzvah, anniversary, and other elegant occasions. Comprised of some of New York's finest professional musicians, this ensemble performs traditional or non-traditional instrumental music for your special event.

How To Personalize A Wedding

(FeatureSource) - Even if you're having a traditional wedding, you may be looking for some special touches to personalize your big day. Becky Long offers the following last-minute ways to get creative on your wedding day from her book "Something Old, Something New" (Meadowbrook Press).

Instead of a guest book, have all of your guests sign a photo mat or a tablecloth. You'll be able to use it in the future and always be reminded of the friends and family who shared your special day.

Offer a personalized drink menu to your guests. For example, one couple served a non-alcoholic punch called "The Plunge" as a tribute to the groom's underwater marriage proposal. The drink had small plastic fish floating in it.

Design your wedding program to look like a scrapbook, including pictures of the bridal party members taken throughout the years. Also include a small blurb about their relationship to the bride or groom.

Use favorite childhood pictures of the bride and groom on place cards. Have the groom's pictures printed on one side of a heart on half the place cards and the bride's childhood pictures on the other side of the other half of the place cards. When guests are seated together, the hearts will become whole.

Seat guests at tables named after famous love songs. Instruct the band of DJ to play these songs throughout the evening. When each song plays, that table should be asked to dance.

Consider tear-away centerpieces that can double as favors. Fill a basket with individually-potted plants or flowers that your guests can take home as keepsakes.

If your parents or grandparents' marriage have stood the test of time, consider paying tribute to them by displaying their wedding photos by your guest book.

Looking for a clever gift for the bridesmaids? Give each one a beautiful vase. Fill it with a bouquet of flowers now and again on her birthday.

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Author: FeatureSource Staff